Bring on Labor with the WII Fit

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I am 37 weeks. Can I use a WII Fit to help with bring on labor?



To induce labor? I cannot recommend it. Here is why.

1. If you were to ask what I thought about WII Fit as exercise during pregnancy, I would say "yes" provided that you had medical permission and were acclimated to such activities. But with your doctor's permission and no other medical concerns, I would advise you about inner core temperature and walk you through it.

2. If you were already very fit and wanted to do this -- again with permission, I would say, yes, work out to comfort.

But to actually induce labor creates other issues. I like the idea of walking to bring on labor only for people who have been active, are in shape and know thier own body. The kind of activity introduced with the Wii Fit is concerning because your inner core temperature WILL increase. We know that your baby is one degree Celcius higher than your own temp and has no way to sweat but there is still limited information about exercise and pregnancy. There is VERY VERY VERY little data on inner core temperature and physical activity near the due date. For this reason, stick to what we know from prior research -- walk, stay hydrated.

Good luck!