Broke Up and Now Pregnant

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Dear Relationship Expert,
My fiance left me on Thursday and I found out that I a pregnant on Friday morning. He will not have anything to do with me at all. He will not call write or answer his phone even at work. I have been depressed -- not eating, not drinking not sleeping....I just want him to recognize his baby and call and let me know that everything is going to be okay and that he will be there for me. I even have a doctors appointment today and he will not come. What do I do?


Hello, He probably doesn't believe that there is a baby considering the timing and if he broke up with you he probably doesn't even want to hear about the baby right now.

Your best bet is to go to the doctor alone, or better yet with a supportive friend, and get some proof that there is a baby. Wait a bit. and then contact him in writing. I would get to counseling because it is very unlikely that you will get a response from him right now and you need to get some support to face this reality before you do anything else. A healthy happy mom is important to the baby's well-being.

Do you have any friends or family you feel safe talking to? You don't say how old you or your fiancé are or where you are in your schooling or careers and that may affect things. Also even if your fiancé, comes back you and the baby will need emotional support anyway so focus on finding your best choice/s for that right now.

Hope that helps,

-- Carol