Caffeine in the Third Trimester

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Dear Nutritionist,
I am now in my third trimester but I am a worried about my baby development since I still consume some caffeine from sodas. I was wondering if I drank sodas at small amounts through out my whole pregnancy, of how it's effecting my baby now?


I am not sure how much caffeine you are drinking but I can tell you that it is recommended not to consume more then 300 mg per day. That is about two to three 8-oz cups of coffee. Soft drinks average about 40 to 50 mg. This is true throughout your entire pregnancy.

My recommendation is to stick to healthier beverages. There is nothing nutritious in a soft drink and they can add tons of calories from sugar if drinking regular ones. If you are thirsty you are much better off drinking water, 100% juice, or milk. You should also limit caffeine if you plan to breastfeed.

-- Kimberly, RD LD