Can a Dream Foretell Down Syndrome?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
What do you make of dreams that something is wrong with your baby? I am 17 weeks pregnant now, but when I first found out I was pregnant I had a dream that my baby had Down Syndrome.


Hello I pay particular attention to dreams like this. My first question to you is were you worried about having a Down Syndrome child or was this an unexpected dream that popped up out of nowhere? Second, have you ever had a dream that has looked into the future?

Your job is to discern between worry that manifests in a dream and a prophetic dream. If you feel this was a message, I would ask my doctor for a level II ultrasound and of course the triple screen blood test (which is normally done routinely). These two test will usually give some indication of a problem if there is one.

-- Jane, RDMS