Can Dreams About Premature Birth Be a Warning?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I am 25 wks pregnant with my third child.

This is my fourth pregnancy as I miscarried in between my son and daughter. When I was carrying each of them( even the one we weren't blessed enough to meet)I had the regular weird pregnancy dreams. Just things that do no make sense I had come accustomed to those.

Now with Makenzie I am having troubling dreams about her being premature and needing to be in the NICU. Each time the dream is a little different sometimes I have a C-section and others a natural birth and sometimes she survives and others she does not.I cannot help feeling that these are more than just dreams.

I have had premonitions in the past that came to light but not always in the exact way they occurred in the dreams. I am wondering if perhaps you could help me with knowing which dreams may be true and which may not. If you cannot help I honestly understand but it would even be nice just to talk to someone who was not judging me about it.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Stephanie,
It is difficult to tell exactly what these dreams mean. What I want you to do is think back to the dreams you have had in the past that have actually happened. Remember the way you felt. Remember how the information was given to you in comparison to the actual events.

When I have a prophetic dream, it always has a different feel to it. I'm not sure I can pass the feeling on in words, except to say I have this "knowing" when I wake up. The dream sticks with me all day and sometimes longer. Now, there are dreams that are not prophetic, that may produce similar feelings. But usually if you get yourself in a moment of quiet and calm and think, you may get a hint of what these dreams mean.

It is possible you are having dreams of anxiety, because of a previous miscarriage. The one thing that makes me think these might be dreams of concern for your child is, there is a different outcome in many of the dreams. I would journal all your dreams from now on. You may see a pattern once you write everything down. You know information does not always come in a logical way in dreams. You also may decide you have gotten some medical information that you might pass on to your doctor.

I had a patient once who dreamed she saw a pregnancy in something called a fallopian tube. She had no medical background and had never heard of a fallopian tube. She called her mother up who was a nurse and asked what that was. Her mother told her, and the woman ended up having a tubal pregnancy.

You may want to read some of my dream answers to other women. I have explained many times how certain dreams show you information in what seems chaos. Some dream experts say that if you ask a question right before you go to sleep night after night, you will get an answer. I have never had any success with this method, but it can't hurt to try.

Please let me know what the outcome is with Mackenzie and if the dreams continue.

-- Jane, RDMS