Can His Boys Swim?

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Hi Sam,
We've been trying now for two years to have a baby. At this point I've undergone multiple tests with no answers. My doctor has recommended my husband be tested for fertility issues.

His immediate response seems to be that I'm somehow questioning his sexual abilities. Trust me -- THAT part is fine!

How is it that women are supposed to go through the testing and that's ok, but the same isn't true for guys?



Hi Joyce,

Hi Joyce,
I've been through fertility testing a few times and it's quite an enjoyable experience. He probably needs to understand what's involved and realize many places now allow you to collect the semen at home and then take the sample in. If he's an average guy chances are he's not adverse to entertaining himself and that's all that is required.

For some guys the real fear is learning their sperm isn't perfect. The good news is that you only need a few good swimmers and the doctors can use sperm washes and other techniques to extract the healthy ones.

Getting tested can save years of heartache and a lot of crappy baby making sex so he'll be doing you both a favor. I recommend collecting all the information you can on what he needs to do and the solution should there be a problem.

Get him to talk to your family physician to put his mind at ease. 50% of fertility issues are male related so he needs to understand that.