Can I Continue Indoor Rock Climbing Throughout Pregnancy?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I have been indoor rock climbing for several years. Is it safe to continue during my pregnancy, if I limit myself to top roping?



Hello Sally,
As you are already experienced in the sport of rock climbing you/your body is acclimated to the physical demands. Good for you. The general rule of thumb for pregnant athletes is you may continue your activity until you feel the need to let up. Obviously, scuba is out! And sports where you cannot control outside elements -- other skiers, cars, cyclists, horses -- are discouraged. We asked the Allen family (Tori Allen is 3xWorld Rock Climbing Champion) about harness/safety belts are were told competitive climbers stop free climbing after the first trimester and resume wall climbing. Again, only until you feel discomfort should you stop. However, you must realize that this is a sport of balance -- something you may struggle with as your body grows.Be sure to consult your physician, including him/her on your regiment. If you have further questions, bring your safety gear to your next appointment to show how it fits your body. In the meantime, climb and enjoy.

-- Alex