Can I Exercise At 2-Months Pregnant?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Can I exercise while I am two months pregnant?


Yes, but first you must speak to your doctor. It is important that you ask a few questions. Have you been exercising before you became pregnant? Do you have any medical conditions that would otherwise interfere with safe workouts?Once you have spoken to your physician and have been given permission, you may begin working out. Whether it is walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or lifting (light) weights, you will find that you are healthier, stronger and happier as a result of working out while pregnant.

You must be sure you are drinking plenty of water and are properly hydrated, and be sure that you do not become too hot. For more information about checking your inner heat temperature, check out our information on "Inner Core Temperature." In the meantime, please let us know what activities, if any, you have done before getting pregnant.

-- Alex