Can I Snowmobile During Pregnancy?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am 5 months pregnant with a normal pregnancy no complications. I was wondering if it is safe to ride snowmobile? If so, how careful must I be about riding?


Dear Snowmobiler,
As with horseback riding, cycling (on the streets) and skiing, the actual activity of riding the snowmobile is relatively safe for you at 5 months. This assumes you are not performing stunts and flying over bumps, putting your body through more of an impact-oriented activity.

But like horseback riding, cycling and skiing, doctors do not recommend this activity -- not because they are concerned about your physical abilities/endurance level but because of outside factors you cannot control. The best skiers, for example, are blindsided by an inexperienced skier. Horses spook, cars run cyclists off the road. The dangers of hitting something hidden beneath a blanket of snow, a tree or another snowmobile are too great. I hate to put a damper on such a fun outdoor activity but for the welfare of you and your baby, consider another winter sport. Cross-country skiing is a great, safe activity.

-- Alex