Can Miscarriage Be Prevented?

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Dear Midwife,
One week before Christmas I had a miscarriage. I was just over a month pregnant. They said about 4/5 weeks.

This month I was over one week late with my period. I took a test today and it said I was pregnant. It was one of those digital ones. It said 3plus meaning I was over 3 weeks pregnant. I am worried that I will miscarry again after getting pregnant so soon after.

I went to see a gynecologist about my blood results and it was hard to understand him as he wasn't from this country. He said something about having a high hormone that was still telling me I was pregnant? But that blood was taken from me when I was still pregnant, not afterwards! I did not realize and remember till after I left the appointment as I was in shock.

I had my period fine, no problems in January. My breasts are sore and I feel very tired and sometimes a little sick feeling.

I'm just overall really worried! What can I do to help make this pregnancy go smoothly? We both so want this baby and I really don't think I can stand the heartache so soon after and lose another baby.



There is basically nothing you can do to prevent a miscarriage assuming that you are healthy. If you had a normal period in January, chances are everything is just fine.

If the worst should happen and you miscarry again, then it is time to get a lot of blood work done to make sure you are really healthy.

Sometimes, a third miscarriage can be prevented with medication (which one depends on the problem, and all are uncommon).

Write me in 9 months and tell me the good news!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.