Can Ultrasound Detect Cord Around Neck?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I have been told by one doctor that there is evidence of the cord around the fetal neck. But when I checked with other doctors they said it is not possible to see cord in normal ultrasound if not done in color.

I want to know the limits of ultrasound. Is it possible to see cord in black ultrasound or does it have be done in color to see the cord.

Thanks in advance.



Yes, it is possible to see the cord in black and white ultrasound! The doctor you talked to is mis-informed. What is not possible is to determine if the cord is wrapped around the neck. Picture a long piece of rope scattered and bunched up close to a ball, for example. Looking down on it unless you could follow the rope little by little you would not be able to determine if the rope was all bunched up in front of the ball,behind the ball, both or wrapped.

Please try not to worry about something like this. It is a waste of energy. Just know the cord is not wrapped around the babies neck and let all that kind of worry go!

With Regards,
-- Jane RDMS