Chickenpox During Week 13 of Pregnancy

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I am pregrant and am infected with chicken pox during the last week of my first trimester (13th week). I consulted my gynecologist and she adviced some antibiotics (cefuroxime 500mg) for the first five days after starting the chicken pox.

Will this harm my baby? My friends say that this may affect the fetal organs (eye, skin). Can a 3D / 4D ultrasound scan detect a problem in this early stage of 13 weeks? If any problem how can we cure it?

Hoping for an reply from you.


The good news is that the most dangerous time to get chicken pox during pregnancy is 5 days prior to delivery up until 2 days after. That said, there are possible complications. Here is what the Centers for Disease Control says. Some of the possible complications can be seen on ultrasound.

This is a reminder that all women who plan or are at risk for pregnancy should be immunized against chicken pox at least 3 months prior to becoming pregnant. Hopefully, everything will work out okay for you.

Good luck!