Cold Hands and Feet

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Dear Midwife,
I just found out I was pregnant last Monday. I am just going in to my 5th week. Over the weekend my hands and feet feel like they have been immersed in ice and stay cold. On top of that first thing in the morning and when I am very tired I have a "pins and needles" sensation in my hands.

I have not experienced anything like this before and am a little concerned. This is not affecting me as far as day to day activities, its more annoying then anything.


Congratulations and welcome to pregnancy!

Your circulation will change during pregnancy, and I think you are just the lucky winner of the "circulation problem" prize.

You are right, what you describe is annoying but not dangerous. You can try lifting the affected limb higher than your heart for a few minutes and see if that helps. Otherwise, until your system sorts it all out, you may just have to deal with being annoyed, sorry :-(.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.