Conflicting Ultrasound -- Boy or Girl?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I was told by my midwife at 18 weeks that we are having a boy. She saw the scrotum. At 20 weeks I was told that I am having a girl due to seeing the 3 lines. How do I know whom to believe.

Now that I have already bought things for a boy, I would like advice on finding the most accurate result. Is there a more comprehensive ultrasound that you can recommend later in my pregnancy to find out the sex? What is the percentage rate of accurate results? It has been very emotional for me to get two results.



Hi Stephanie,
Sounds like you have a bit of a dilemma on your hands. Without knowing more, I can't say who would be the most competent at predicting gender. I do always suggest that an ultrasound is done by a licensed sonographer. I know in the real world this does not happen, because just about anyone can do ultrasound. There aren't any licensing requirements to use an ultrasound machine.

The percentage rate of inaccuracies would be an impossible statistic to gather. So many factors, would have to be considered. What I can tell you is, at 18 weeks or at 20 weeks, a competent sonographer should be able to tell you what you are having. It's the best time to see gender. Later on, it sometimes gets a little more difficult.I'm sorry to say, you are going to have to wait for delivery, because now, even if you have a third ultrasound, you will still have doubt. The best you can do, is forget the emotional roller coaster you just rode, regroup, and put the gender issue and the emotions that accompanied it, aside for now.

A side note: I have been researching prophetic dreams for many years. I have found that a good solid dream, where you actually see what you are having, has a high accuracy rate (just in case you have been told the gender in a dream).

-- Jane, RDMS