Could Early Ultrasound Dating Be Inaccurate?

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I'm a pretty small person, I normally only weight about 110lbs and when I went in and had my first Ultrasound test done I was told was 24 weeks pregnant. Now this is odd to me as I'm very small and I'm not showing as much as I would think I would be at that stage of pregnancy. I was also told that I'm 56mm and I haven't the slightest idea of what that means and no one really explained anything to me at all.

I wasn't really able to recall my last period as a lot had been going on in my life and I knew i had missed it a few times, but I mainly contributed it to the stress in my life, the different foods between my boyfriend's home where there was a lot of grease and fat in the food compared to the country home-style cooking I have back at my grandparents house. I was job hunting and constantly being dragged out of the house, back and forth for a week here and two weeks there between the two houses and I figured it all as just the constant get up and go that was throwing me off.

I had no obvious symptoms of being pregnant until I felt the first bit of movement a few weeks ago. That's when it all hit me.

I believe I've only gained about 5 pounds throughout all of this and I'm feeling movement usually at certain times of the day, almost like a schedule of when I'm going to be tortured with being mauled from the inside.

But I just can't come to terms with the idea that I'm THAT far along.

Is there any way that they may has miscalculated? Could I be a lot less further along then they claimed me to be?


The ultrasound is very accurate. It does not matter that you are not really showing yet. You will! Just go with the ultrasound dating. You were 24 weeks.

With Regards,

--Jane RDMS