Could I Be Further Along?

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Dear Midwife,
I am 32+5 weeks pregnant.

This baby was a surprise, I had no idea I was pregnant until I did the test to rule it out! I have no idea when my LMP was and when I found out, I thought I was maybe about 8 weeks. I went for my dating scan at what I thought was 12 weeks and they said I was 17 weeks. They gave me a due date of May 27th 2009 from the information they got during the ultrasound.

I've been having growth scans (due to a previously small baby - 2.2kg at full term) but this baby appears to be too big. My husband and I are both small (me 5 foot 1 inches and him 5 foot and 5 inches) so we were not too concerned about or last baby being small as we both are. We are however, concerned that this baby is measuring so big, especially when our first was completely opposite!

At the last 2 scans, the baby was measuring the same as a baby 2 weeks further on would be. I have had the test for Gestational Diabetes which came back clear so now I’m wondering if it's possible for me to be 2 weeks further on than originally thought. Due to the fact that I have no idea of my LMP, the only reason I have the due date of May 27th is because that's what I was told at my scan.

The baby is measuring above the 95th percentile for it's (supposed) gestation.

The reason I am concerned is that I have decided on a planned repeat cesarean section and I am worried that if I am two weeks further ahead, that I will go into labor on my own before my booked cesarean. They have said they will book the section for when I am 38 or 39 weeks but what if I am then 40 or 41 weeks because my dates are wrong? I don't want to risk going into labor on my own and having another emergency section.

Would they change my dates for this reason?


Probably not. If you go into labor, you might consider having a vaginal birth, as it is much less risky both for you and the baby. I'm sure you know that the risks go up with every cesarean.

Your alternative would be to have a second surgery, but why would you call it an "emergency?" If you went into labor, they would just do another surgery if that's what you wanted and they had agreed. They would place the epidural and do the delivery. End of story (hopefully).

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.

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