Could I Be Pregnant After Miscarriage?

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Dear Midwife,
On August 8 I had my menstrual cycle it was irregular. It lasted three days. A week or two later my breasts and tooth started to hurt and I was craving ice lattes. I don’t like coffee like that.

I was waiting on my period because I thought I was about to come on because of the cramping. But it didn’t, on September 5 I found out I was five weeks pregnant.

I had a miscarriage on January 8. I had sex on February 7(unprotected) I had an irregular period on February 12. I spotted and a it stop then on the 14 & 15 was regular and the last day the 16 ended weird.

I had (unprotected sex) on February 7 & 19 And March 2, 6, and twice on the 9th. So I’ve took a pregnancy test at the emergency room February 14 and it was a faint positive they said it could be that my hormones was lowering because of the fact that I was just pregnant. But I called the place where I had my miscarriage at and they said they expect all pregnancy tests to come back negative after 4 weeks.

Now I’ve been sleeping a lot, tooth pains and wanting coffee.(that’s why I asked was it a sign) Now my side is killing me…I also have been running to the washroom a lot. so I’m wondering could I be pregnant…


From what you say, March 2 would have been about the right time to get pregnant from your February cycle, and if you meant that you went to the emergency room *March* 14, then it would be normal to have had a faint positive if you were pregnant from intercourse on March 2. (It doesn't make sense that you went to the ER on Feb 14 while having normal menstrual bleeding that day and the next as you say at the beginning of your question.)

But you should have been told after the miscarriage not to have unprotected sex until you had a negative pregnancy test, ideally at your provider's office, and until you had a normal period, one that was normal in length and strength for you. That's when we know that your body is really ready to try again.

I am so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine, and I do understand your wanting to get pregnant again. I wish you the very best! Please take good care of yourself.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.