Could I Expect Twins This Ultrasound?

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I went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks and 4 days (baby A's measurements). Baby B was 5 weeks 2 days. All that was showing on the u/s (trans vaginal) were the 2 sacs -- no yolks, poles or hb's which the technician said is very normal for that early on.

I went for my follow up appointment with my general practitioner 2 days later. He is a rude, arrogant type and very bluntly said, "Don't be suprised in the follow up scan if one of the sacs has perished and there is only one baby."

Now what would the chances of this be? What I mean is there is no reason for one of them not to be viable, I am now 7 weeks and 5 days and have my ultrasound at 8 weeks and 1 day. I've had no cramping, no spotting/bleeding, horrible morning sickness; all good signs there will be two healthy babies right?

We conceived naturally and it was our dream to have twins so we are over the moon but the doctor's words just keep going around in my head.


Congratulations on conceiving twins! You have two little souls starting out together inside of you.

It sounds like you have come across an insensitive general practitioner. He jumped straight into quoting statistics to a happy Mommy-to-be who was filled with joy. You are right to say there would be no reason to believe one embryo would not make it from the picture you have painted for me.

I believe leaving the medical science of early pregnancy and the statistics that accompany twins, out of the first couple months of pregnancy in a mothers mind. Twins are always considered a high risk pregnancy and I think your doctor was letting you know this in a matter of fact way.

My beliefs are strong when I say that a mommy-to-be should stay positive and stress free when it comes to her pregnancy. Leave the all the counting of days, and hormones and statistics to the medical experts. Your job is to stay healthy and happy.

My request to you is to push the doctors words to the back of your mind and change the language of "it was our dream" to "it is our dream" to have twins. Thoughts are powerful so manifest what you want.

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Jane Foley RDMS


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Twins are sooo awesome! I don't know how many doctors I have met that are insensitive like that. They tend to deal with patients as case numbers rather than as people. No worries. You have been blessed with your dream.