Could My Dreams be Prophetic?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Basically my question is: Could my dreams be prophetic?

I'll start from the beginning, I got married in Aug. 2005, I got pregnant two months later(no dreams yet)I miscarried a month into it. A week later I had a dream about a little blond haired, blue eyed baby girl that I called Lily. I told my husband about it the next morning, but he didn't really say anything because of the loss a week before. Low and behold, I find out that I got pregnant a few days after my miscarriage. Which I didn't know until I was two months pregnant. Fast-forward, my oldest daughter (Lillian) has blue eyes and blond hair.

Now when Lily was 3mo old I had another dream where I was sitting in a hospital bed holding a naked newborn baby boy with brown hair, green eyes, and dimples. 5 months after the dream I get pregnant. Again it was completely accurate( his name is Nicholas ), which is weird because nobody on my side or my husband's side have dimples.

And it doesn't stop there, about a year after Nicholas was born I had another dream.

I'm sitting in the driver's seat of a mini-van, looking back over my shoulder. I see my daughter(Lily) at the age of 7 in the back, next is my son(Nicholas) and he looks about 6, next to him is a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes(Abigail) she looks about 4...not done yet...then in the 2-seater bench seat are a pair of twin boys with blond hair and blue eyes, they look about 3.

Well I am currently four months pregnant. I just found out that it was a little girl. My due date is 3-22-10. Which would put her 2 years apart from her brother! Now I was carrying twins, technically I still am. One of them passed when I was 8 weeks. When I heard it was twins I thought my dreams were wrong. But then why would little Abigail appear older. Then I found out that it was a girl. And what is funny about my current pregnancy is that I was able to predict when I would get pregnant because of that last dream. Me and my hubby went a whole year without any birth control, then I get pregnant right when I said. It freaked my hubby out!!! Because of the possibility of the twin boys. And I the dream the twins already had there names picked out, the one on the left was Adam and the one on the right was Alex.

Now also based on my last dream(in the van) I should be getting pregnant between 6-8 months after I give birth. What are the chances that my dreams are prophetic? What are the chances that I could really become pregnant with twins? So soon after giving birth to a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Could they be coincidences? And the dreams always seem to happen before I get pregnant, so no real interference with hormones. I'm only 22. Could I really have 5 children by the time I'm 24


Hi There. Basically my answer is YES!

Your dreams are definitely predictive, accurate and prophetic. By the way.... I believe there are NO coincidences in life. Ever! You had the pleasure of being introduced to your children before birth---one of my favorite phenomenons. You were allowed a sneak peek of those beautiful babies.

Congratulations! You have a developing gift. I would suggest that you also pay attention to other dreams, as you probably have this in other areas of your life.

Remember how you felt after the predictive dreams of your future children. Log that emotion, the feel of the dreams, the colors you saw, the way the dream gave you information. When you have these feelings after other types of attention. Keep a dream journal; this helps you to develop your skills with predictive dreaming.

I will put your dream story into my data. If you do get pregnant with twins (which your most probably will) soon after your daughter is born, Please contact me with this information.

I love your dream story. Take care and keep dreaming.

-- Jane, RDMS