Could My Pregnancy Make our Dog Anxious?

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Dear Pet Expert,
I am 6 months pregnant and before I even knew, my dog (shih-tzu) started acting up. She is always panting and running back and forth and does not relax. She just want to be outside all the time.

Is there anything we can do to make her more comfortable in our home?


Congratulations! It is funny how we often think our dogs and kids do things because of something we have done. I think this is Mommy Syndrome! It is true that your dog may sense changes with you but it is also likely that patterns and other things have changed as well. Even subtle things like routines, naps, walks, etc. Often posture changes in Moms can lead to a dog being a bit uncertain about what is going on.

You mentioned that she wants to be outside and runs back and forth panting. Think about what has changed in the neighborhood. New dogs, kids going to school... Often these things will cause some changes in behavior. The other factor is to rule out any medical causes for these symptoms, anxiety or other types of issues.

Once a medical condition is ruled out, here are some ways to address her behavior:

  1. Freshen some basic obedience such as sit, down, wait and place commands to give her alternative behaviors when she begins to pace or seem frazzled.
  2. Try putting a leash on her while in the house. This will allow her to be close to you and also allow you to direct her to another behavior without her walking away.
  3. Provide mental stimulation such as food dispensing toys (buster cube, busy buddies and kong toys)
  4. Become familiar with leadership and the important role it plays. Visit for a great book on toy breeds.
  5. has great resources of dog books. Dr. Patricia McConnell has a wonderful book The other end of the leash and Leader of the Pack.

All of these may help. I also suggest visiting and to find articles that will be helpful in your preparation.

I hope that some of this is helpful and I wish you luck on the final stretch of your pregnancy!

-- Jen