Could the Pain Be a Pulled Muscle?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, but it not only runs in the family, but I have seen my cysts through sonogram. I started working out about a month ago. After the first two days of exercising I started to get a sharp pain on the left side of my abdomen. I thought that I might be pregnant since I was about two weeks late. But, my HPT came up negative.

Could it be possible that I am pregnant and the test was either wrong, or my HCG levels weren't high enough to be detected? I also noticed that the pain was the most severe when I tried to sit up from laying down, kind of like a pulled muscle. I did attempt to do some leg lifts, and that was when I first noticed the pain. Could it be possible I pulled a muscle, or could it have something to do with PCOS?I am trying to get in shape so when I do decide to have a child I will be healthy and fit. My other concern was that I have had no signs of my period yet, only lots of milky discharge. I am not sure whether I should continue working out, or stop and try taking another test. Please help!

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Certainly, you could have pulled a muscle and, let me assure you, a pulled stomach muscle can be quite painful. Leg lifts and sit-up combination's can often lead to pulled muscles in the midsection if done improperly (too quickly/too much weight). Only rest with mild stretches (and time) will heal that injury.

But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, you need to make an appointment with your OB/GYN. It is imperative that you speak to him/her about your concerns, desire to get in shape, get a clean bill of health and permission to work out, discuss the question about your discharge (which, most likely, is nothing to be concerned about) and answer your questions about your period/possible pregnancy. Then and only then can you discern whether and how you should be working out.

Not knowing about your period can often lead to more stress -- and more injuries. Let's check that off your list of concerns and move from there. Keep us posted.

-- Alex