Could Possibly be Twins?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I'm not sure how far along I am I have irregular cycles. My last cycle was 55 days. My last menstruation was Dec 25, 2008. When I went to the Dr. the first thing he did was an internal exam and said I was at least 10 weeks along if not further. Then he did an ultrasound (a very terrible one couldn't hardly see much of anything) but it measured at 7 weeks. He just kinda randomly gave me a due date somewhere half between, 7 and 10 weeks since he couldn't go off my menstruation. However, he said according to my menstruation he said the farthest I could be is 9 weeks.

In Early January my 3 yr old son just walked up to me one day and said Mom you need to have two babies.

Is there a reason I would be measuring big but have the baby measure small but not see a second blob in the US?


First off, I love when a child under 5yrs randomly tells his Mommy about a future child. This kind of information has a high accuracy rate as far as my research goes!!! If you are not carrying twins you should consider having another child after this one.

Now about your ultrasound. I can't imagine a doctor "randomly" giving you a date. The medical community should not do random.
What should happen is that an ultrasound is done. The measurement from the ultrasound will be the most accurate dating you can have due to the fact that you have irregular periods.
The dates from the ultrasound, which in your case would be 7 weeks, is the date you move forward with. You would not consider the last period since the ultrasound dates are quite a bit different from the LMP.

I am not sure why the ultrasound was "a terrible one"??? Was it a vaginal ultrasound? The only reason one should not be able to get accurate data from an ultrasound is if you are very obese. Otherwise the information should be obvious.

Sooooo I would go ahead and assume there is only one baby and that you were 7 weeks at the time of the ultrasound.

The next ultrasound should be done by a licensed Sonographer with up to date equipment, so you do not have to use a word like random in this day and age!

Please let me know if you do find that you have twins on future exams or if you have any other questions.

With Regards,
-- Jane RDMS