Cramping and Cervical Changes At 28 Weeks?

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Dear Midwife,
I am 28 weeks pregnant and have been having some pains in the abdomen and some tightening. I went to see my OB but he was on vacation so the midwife checked me. She told me that I had been having contractions. She also said that my cervix was soft and the baby's head was low. This is my first pregnancy and I've asked some other people who have been pregnant and they told me that their cervix didn't get soft until right before they delivered. Is this something that I need to be overly concerned about?


Not necessarily. Like other parts of the anatomy, cervixes vary. The issue is whether it is changing, and if it isn't, things are probably ok. Some suggestions for things to do to minimize cramping include making sure you have no infections, either bladder or vaginal (I assume the CNM did this) and making sure you stay well hydrated (3 quarts of water a day at this stage of pregnancy -- more if it's hot outside). Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM