Cramping in Very Early Pregnancy?

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Dear Midwife,
My period was due on Feb 18th. On Feb 18th, I started getting cramps, that made me believe my period was coming. Days went by with the cramping, but no period. I took a HPT today, and it came back positive, but I'm still having the cramping. It feels like my period is about to start any minute. Is this normal? Could it have been a false positive on my HPT, and my period really is on it's way?


Nope, you conceived and it sounds like you are having normal "growing pains." If you see bright red blood, then it is possible that you have miscarried. I'd suggest prenatal care asap, and if you are not already taking prenatal vitamins, stopping caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise, now would be the time :-).

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.


The cramping happened with me too, with both of my pregnancies. From talking to my friends, I gather the crampy feeling and feeling like you're going to get your period at any second is pretty normal

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The cramping really isn't a problem. I had some with my first one. Cramping with bleeding is a problem though. That was with the second one which miscarried.

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Thank you for your comments this makes me feel much better. I am early in my pregnancy about 4 weeks and still feel some cramping.

I worry since I had a previous miscarriage but I haven't had any spotting and my HCG levels continue to increase.

Its just nice to hear from someone else this its normal to feel like this.

I was feeling exactly like you described and still am but less. I'm 6 weeks now and morning sickness came in too.