Dealing With Swollen Hands and Feet

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Dear Midwife,
I need your advise, Please? I am currently 25 weeks into my pregnancy with my second child. I am experiencing alot of swelling in my feet and hands. My right hand and fingers are numb at times as well as at times, it hurts for me to walk on my feet. My doctor tells me to put up my feet, drink plenty of fluids, but it seems like it is not helping. At night when I try to sleep, I can't lay on my back, it is hard for me to breathe and if I lay on either of my sides, my arms go numb.

Any suggestions of what I should do?


You might try increasing your protein and your exercise when you can. If the weather is hot, measure your water and try drinking a gallon each day. My other "cure" is old fashioned Epsom salts -- soak your feet for sure, as many times/day as you can, or take a whole bath in it -- it's cheap!

When you put your feet up, make sure they are higher than your heart; lying on a couch with your feet up on the arm works. It also helps to get your hands higher than your heart and for some, to wear a carpal tunnel brace. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. The only consolation is that these things are annoying, but generally not dangerous in and of themselves. I hope you feel better soon.

-- Cynthia, CNM