Deciding on Family Size

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I want to know how to get my husband to wait on the decision of more children. We have an almost 3-year-old daughter and a 3½-month-old son. He thinks we should be done; I want to wait to decide until our son is at least a year old. 

Honestly, I think I would love to have more, but don't think now is the time to decide for sure. I just would love for him to be more "open to the possibility" and to not be worried about it at this time since it's not something that either of us want to have happen right now!


Hi Christa,
I'd ask your husband what his major issues are with more kids. It may be for a reason that will change as your kids get older or it could be for reasons that won't change.

If you can get to the bottom of his real reasons for not wanting any more children chances are you can address them sensibly. Sit down with a glass of wine when the kids are in bed and be open and honest and let him know that you too are undecided.

Write a list of the pros and cons -- you'll get to the bottom of it in no time.

Hope this helps,