Discomfort and Pain in Early Pregnancy?


Dear Midwife,
I'm approximately 11 weeks pregnant, and so far I have had almost every second day horrible morning sickness that prevents me from really eating anything. What should I do?

Also, seeing as how I'm so early along, is it normal for my tummy to go really hard and huge (like I'm 5 or 6 months along) and feel like Braxton Hicks contractions?

And my last question, There are times when I will be walking around my home and all of a sudden it almost feels like someone is pulling my hips apart then forcing them back together. I wind up in so much pain from this that I end up on the floor unable to walk for about 10 minutes sometimes longer. and the pain seems to go from hip to hip and really hurts my scar.

I don't know if it helps but I do have a 26 month old daughter, born via C-section.

Any ideas on what I should do aside from asking my doctor?


I am so sorry that all of this is happening to you, and that you are having trouble with your scar (why I try so hard to prevent cesareans!). I think the nausea/vomiting is due to the stress it sounds like you are under, since women who have trouble staying relaxed seem to be at more risk. You are right, I do think it would be best to discuss all your symptoms with your own provider, who knows the whole story better than I do. I hope you feel better soon, and can enjoy this pregnancy. Good luck!

--Cynthia, CNM. PhD.

Cynthia Flynn

Cynthia Flynn, CNM. PhD, is the General Director of the Family Health and Birth Center which provides prenatal, birth, postnatal, gynecological and primary health care to underserved women and their families in Washington, D.C. Recently Cynthia served as Associate Professor of Nursing at Seattle University. There she not only taught, but remained in full scope clinical midwifery practice at Valley Medical Center where she cared for pregnant and birthing women, and practices well-woman gynecology, family planning, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Cynthia founded Columbia Women's Clinic and Birth Center, where she took care of pregnant women and infants up to two weeks of age and attended both birth center and hospital births. Before Cynthia earned her CNM, she worked as a registered nurse in labor and delivery and postpartum and is a certified Doula and Doula trainer.