Do You Dream One Sex and Have the Other?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I have heard that if you dream you will have a girl it will be a boy and visa versa. With my second child I had reoccurring dreams he was a girl until one day I was having him in my dream the doctor said its a girl and I looked and it turned into a boy. I said I thought it was a girl and they said it was. I was disturbed by the dream. I wanted a girl so badly in real life but even in my dream I couldn't do it that time.

Anyway, this pregnancy I have started having the girl dreams again but no boy ones. I just wanted to know is it true if you dream of having girl it will be a boy or vise versa? What are your thoughts?



Hi Machelle,
There are many, many wives-tales about pregnancy. Most of them are based on the old 50-50 guess. Dreaming of one sex means you are having the opposite is one of them.From the research I've done, the accuracy rate of dreaming what you are having is very high. If you have a real solid dream, where you see exactly what you are having, it's usually right. I don't know what kind of dreams you were having when you dreamed your son was a girl. Were they dreams like,"I thought I was having a girl in the dream but never actually saw it?" then it's not accurate. If you know and see for sure in the dream, it's almost always right.

In your case, your wanting a girl so bad may be creeping into your dreams. Next time you wake up after a dream about your pregnancy, lay there the moment you open your eyes and think about the dream. There is always a different feel to prophetic dreams. There is a 'knowing'. A lot of times those dreams stick with you throughout the day, and some people are able to recall them vividly years later. Those are the ones to pay attention to.

-- Jane