Doctor Visits

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Dear Midwife,
I found out that I was pregnant just before Halloween, and I have an Ob/Gyn but she told me to call her if I felt something was wrong. Am I supposed to go in for doctor visits on a regular basis? I haven't even seen a doctor yet. Is it ok to have a sonogram if I'm at eleven weeks?


Yes, it's ok to have a sonogram at 11 weeks. But why in the world are you choosing a provider who is not even seeing you? I don't get it!! I'd suggest that you interview a variety of providers before making such a huge choice, one that might affect you for the rest of your life. You wouldn't buy even a pair of shoes without trying them on to see if they fit, and most of us would try on several styles/colors before we bought anything. And that's shoes! Just my opinion, but your life and your baby's are a little more important.

--Cynthia, CNM