Does Fitness During Pregnancy Help Later?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I'm 2½ months pregnant and I do the curves exercise. I was wondering if after the baby is born if it would be better for me to try the beach body, slim in 6. Does it work better? Will I see faster results?


This is a difficult question because every body is different.
1) By working out throughout your pregnancy, you will keep your muscles stronger/leaner and more viable which means a faster, healthier recovery after having the baby. That's great! So, the best thing you can do at this point is continue to work out. Walk/cycle on the stationary bike.

2) Drink lots of water. I know this sounds crazy to say to a pregnant woman because it probably feels as though all you do is go to the bathroom. But, did you know that water helps reduce swelling and bloating? It will also help with morning sickness. The problem with most pregnant women is the morning sickness keeps them from drinking water -- but water fights salt/sodium retention and the sodium/salt is what increases bloat and morning sickness. So, drink away!

3) Eating healthy. I know, I hear this all the time. But so many pregnant women get discouraged with the increasing waistline and say, "Oh, forget it! I'm getting so huge. I might as well eat whatever I want to eat..." By thinking this way, you will consume far too many calories. Yes, a certain number of those calories will go to the baby. The rest turns into fat and that's all the more fat you will have to fight later. So, eat to appetite. That is, eat when you're hungry but don't pig out, eat fast food, or stuff yourself. Be smart.

4) use weights when you workout. You are already doing this by working out at Curves. Keep after it! This will help you during labor and delivery and will help you after pregnancy.What is the deal with muscles? Muscles burn fat. Ever notice how men can lose weight more easily than women? They have 30-40% more muscle -- which is a fat burner. Therefore, they simply burn more fat by being men. Or, by having more muscle mass. By using weights when you work out and keeping your muscles fit and firm, you will naturally burn more fat. Once the baby is born, this will be the best thing you have going for you.

Then, as you recover and, of course, talk to your doctor, you can choose your next fitness level/routine. I recommend that you contact us again after baby is born, tell us how you are doing and see what suggestions we can offer in regards to a new workout. But it's not recommended to change your workout routine during pregnancy. Stick with what you are doing. Good luck and keep us posted.

-- Alex