Does HVP Affect Fertility?

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Dear Midwife,
I am sixteen years old. I know I shouldnt be having sex but started early. My boyfriend and I want a child but we know I'm too young and not ready for responsibility.

We had sex on the 11th of September and I got off my period the 10th. He ejaculated in me 3 times and we had sex again on the 14th. He ejaculated in me then.

Here's the problem. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or how to find out, being that I had sex right after my period. That's one predicament. Second I had an abnormal papsmear a while ago and I had a colposcopy and I am scheduled for another papsmear on October 27th. They said they see signs of the HPV virus but they are not positive. Today is the 20th of September and I started bleeding lightly this morning and have been bleeding lightly ever since. Also I started lightly cramping.

Would this HPV situation affect me conceiving? Could I be pregnant? How long do I have to wait to find out?


HPV does not affect fertility.

You can take a pregnancy test once you miss your next period. Meanwhile, it sounds like you need effective contraception. Your privacy would be protected and if you can't afford going to a regular midwife or doctor, you might try Planned Parenthood or a community clinic where they have a sliding scale.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.