Does Jogging Affect Implantation?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I would like to know if jogging can affect implantation of the fertilized egg? I understand that after the egg is fertilized, it will travel down the fallopian tube to implant itself in the lining of the uterus.

So if you happen to jog during this time, will this cause the egg to fall out or drop down from the uterus?


The jury is out on this one...but everyone agrees that it is always better to be more cautious in the beginning. After having the procedure done, lay low for a while. However, there are countless stories of Olympic and national athletes who, during Olympic trials, went through this and everything turned out to be fine.
The "old school" thinking was that the bounding and jarring was not good. Today, we know that inner core temperature is actually more important.

Your inner core temperature should not exceed 101 degree F while pregnant (or during such a delicate time of insemination) as the baby does not have the ability to sweat/cool him/herself. As you get hotter and hotter, so does baby but without any mechanism to cool itself, this can be a dangerous situation. Again, there is much debate on this topic but there has been links to birth defects.

This is not stated to scare you but to be aware. While training, many elite athletes constantly check their inner core temperature (while pregnant) to be sure that that baby is always safe. Check out our site about inner core temperatures and how to properly utilize rectal thermometers.

And always, always, always .... when in doubt, call your OB/GYN. They are there to answer questions and make you feel better. I talk to so many women who are timid about calling the office because they are afraid of appearing to be worry warts or troublesome. Don't! It is always much better to know. Smile

Good luck.
-- Alex