Does Lifting Heavy Boxes While TTC Harm?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
My husband and I just started trying to conceive, and we just moved across the country to a new house.

We want to know if there is any danger to a possible pregnancy from me lifting boxes as we unpack. I would estimate that most boxes weigh about 30 pounds, maybe 40 -- that's all I can lift!

I know moderate exercise is a good thing for me, before and during pregnancy, and I know how to lift properly, but I want to make sure about any risks to dislodging the pregnancy from lifting things specifically.



Hi Jen,
If you are:
1) A moderately active person.
2) Do not have any other medical issues (hypertension, diabetes, anemia, etc..
3) Are, in fact, lifting properly and...
4) Lifting 30 - 50 pound boxes there is no reason to worry.

You'd be amazed how resilient the fetus and your body can be. My biggest concern is your level of exhaustion, heat and physical.

To clarify, many people lose track of time while they are moving and do not properly hydrate themselves. No, drinking a coke doesn't count. By working long hours packing and hauling, your body needs to be replenished with water. The water will keep you hydrated and allow you to stay more cool. We often forget and don't realize how hot we've become when working so hard. Take plenty of water breaks to stay hydrated. By doing this, you will ensure more breaks for your body.

Most injuries occur when you are tired. You lose form -- lifting boxes -- and may hurt your back. Otherwise, happy moving and good luck.

-- Alex