Does Severe Pelvic Pain Mean Something is Wrong?

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Dear Midwife,
My biggest concern is the pelvic pain that I'm getting when I lay down. It happens both during the day and at night (mostly at night). I've tried body pillows, Tylenol, sleeping on different mattress and other places (mainly the couch). But the pain doesn't go away. Its been on going like this for over a month. I'm starting to get worried that something could be wrong. Can you help answer my question?


You may need some abdominal support during the day or some physical therapy, depending on the nature of the pain. Are you putting a pillow between your legs, under your tummy and wedging a third one behind your back when you sleep? The one between your legs should be big enough so that your top leg is level with the bed (parallel). It doesn't really sound like anything is wrong with the baby, just the mommy!

-- Cynthia, CNM