Dream Foretelling of Twins?

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Dear Ms Ultraound,
For my first question. My first u/s was at 21 weeks. Would it be possible for them to have missed seeing another baby? I have had some twin feelings and am constantly being asked if I am having twins.

Also I have a question about dreams. All through my first three pregnancies, I had constant dreams about having twins. No twins yet, but this pregnancy I haven't had one twin dream. It's kind of strange to me and wondered if it means anything.



Hi Cassi
Over the years I have found that women commonly dream of twins and do not have them. This had me stumped for quite sometime, as my research has shown that dreams are very accurate when it comes to a future child. I have had to figure out why this happens so much without the result of twins. What I have concluded is that twins are conceived way more than we know and one twin does not go to term.

With the advent of better and more advanced technology, we have discovered that twins are conceived at a higher incidence then previously known. Many times when doing an early ultrasound, we can see a second gestational sac that is collapsing and will not go to term. This information helped with my conclusion to the common twin dream.

I believe that women who have strong feelings or dreams of twins, conceived twins and only one goes to term. The spirits of these babies, communicate with their Mother through dreams. They let you know they are there, yet only one baby will develop. A mommy-to-be that is connected and in tune with the life she has created will feel this and may communicate with these little spirits, hence the dreams!

So you see, you probably had twins with your other pregnancies and not this one!

-- Jane, RDMS