Is This Dream Promising Twins?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I have a strong feeling that I may be pregnant. I have recently dreamt that I was in my childhood home and I saw two newborn babies wrapped up tightly together. I didn't get to see their faces, but I believe they were boys. They had brown hair.

I knew that these babies were mine, but for some unknown reason I hadn't feed them in a day. I took them to my bedroom and started breast feeding them one by one. All of the sudden these babies turned into black kittens. (But I knew that they were still my babies) The first kitten said to me "That is better I am full now." After feeding my babies I noticed that I didn't have any baby supplies with me. For example nappies, baby wipes, clothes and breast pads as my breast were leaking milk.

What do you think this dream means. Do you think that I could be actually pregnant and dreaming that I will be having identical twins, since they were wrapped or bundled up together tightly?



Hi Jess,
My expertise is in prophetic dreams only. A prophetic dream has a significant feel to it. These types of dreams produce strong emotions that feels very real! Extreme joy! Absolute fear! Etc. There is usually a 'knowing' when you wake, like when you just KNOW something! The dream will stick with you all day and even longer, sometimes for years.

Usually if a dream is predicting a birth, you see what the gender of the child is, or you will know because the baby has either a male or female name.

Look back to the dream and remember what you felt when you woke. Were you stressed the day before? Did you have a lot to do? On occasion this can cause a dream such as yours.My advice would be to write this dream down when it's still fresh in your memory. If it is a prophetic dream, it sometimes takes years for an explanation for the dream to happen.

Do let me know if you do end up having twins so I can put your story in my book.

-- Jane, RDMS