Dream of Pushing


Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I am only 6 weeks pregnant and I had a dream to push like I was in labor. When I woke up this morning I was still pushing. I'm worried this could this harm my baby?!


Hello. What you are describing sounds like the same type of motion you would do when you are having a bowel movement. If you are really worried and have this dream repeatedly, I would run it past your doctor. It doesn't sound worrisome to me, especially this early in the pregnancy.

--Jane RDMS

Jane Foley

Jane Foley has worked as a Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist) since 1979. Jane has lived and worked in many parts of the world including Saudi Arabia. She is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or RDMS. She pulls a wealth of information from her experience in the field of Radiology and her interactions with such a broad cross-section of cultures she has visited. She now makes her home on the island of Maui with her English husband, Michael.