Dreaming of Giving Birth December 23rd

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I've had two dreams in a row now that I've been pregnant and in the first dream it said that I would have the baby on December 23rd of next year. This is getting a little weird. What do you think it means?



Dear Amanda,
I love getting questions about dreams. Thanks for inquiring. In my research over the years on dreams and pregnancy, I have found that a very specific dream, such as yours, with an exact date usually happens.

Are you trying to get pregnant? This date means something. In my personal experience, when I have a prophetic dream, I always get the information that will happen. The problem is, sometimes the information is confused. If I were to apply it to your dream, it may mean you would conceive on Dec 23rd or have some other big event, instead of give birth.

On the other hand, my research shows that the dreams having to do with the birth of a child usually are quite accurate, with the information very clear.

I would love to follow up with you. Please let me know if you do give birth on December 23rd or if that date ends up meaning something.

You may want to go to my website and check out stories I am compiling for a book on prophetic dreams about pregnancy.

-- Jane, RDMS