Dreaming Of My Late Father

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
My father passed away three years ago. I have had some dreams about him, but now, I'm having dreams all the time. I found out that I was pregnant on my dads birthday and today I'm 8wks pregnant.

I will probably be doing this alone. The dad, who I've known since 7th grade, is in the military. He also doesn't want more kids. He has 2 school aged children already. I understand that he doesn't want more kids, but this will be my second.

My issue is that I've been having dreams about my dad since I found out I was pregnant. I have them about every other night. He is in good health in these dreams. They aren't bad, I just don't understand why I keep dreaming of him. Do you have any advice?



It is very common to have a parent who has passed, come visit a mother to be in her dreams. They are usually there to comfort you either by showing you what gender your child will be, to comforting a child that has been lost, to letting you know you are not alone.

I think because you don't have the full support of the babies father, your own father has stepped in to support you throughout this pregnancy. Wow! Want an honor. Your dad may end up telling you something of importance about your child like what the name might be to the gender. Pay a lot of attention to these dreams and try to journal them. It will be wonderful to read them later on in life.

You are very lucky. If your dad does pass on any info let me know!

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS