Dreaming of Twins

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I am 6 weeks pregnant. Last week I had an extremly vivid dream that my first ultrasound showed twins. The next day I was cooking eggs for breakfast, when I cracked open the egg, low and behold, I had a twin egg, double yolk! I have been vividly dreaming of twins ever since.

My family is very old world Greek and extremely superstitious. I told my mother, who in turn told my great aunt. My great aunt called me this morning to congratulate me on the twins, which she is positive that I am having. She almost had me convinced!

You being an expert in this sort of thing, have you ever heard of anything like this? Every time I wake from one of these dreams I am excited and terrified all in one. Is it just the hormones? Or is there something to these old world superstitions that I was raised to believe in?


Hello, Dreams of twins are the most difficult pregnant dreams to dissect. So many women have dreams of twins and do not deliver twins. I I have had so much success when it comes to correlating a dream of a future child and the reality of what is. Yet when it comes to twins, the accuracy rate goes down significantly.

Now with most dreams, especially vivid dreams that stay with you, you must pay attention to them, They are telling you something.

If you haven't thought about, or have been talking about, or even considered twins, you may be getting accurate information in these dreams. What I mean is if the dream is out of the blue, without any forethought or anticipation the accuracy increases. If you are fixated on twins, the dreams may be an extension of your awake time and are not predictive at all.

From my research you probably are not having twins. I think the family has gotten excited over the prospect of twins, bringing in wivestales and such.

The bottom line is dreams of twins are the least accurate dream as far as pregnancy is concerned. My theory is that twins are actually conceived when a woman has a vivid dream of twins. What happens is that only one embryo continues on to term. The growth of the second embyro stops so early in the pregnancy there is no chance for documentation of the twins.

Please let me know one way or another about your pregnancy once you have your first ultrasound.
In the meantime I would just enjoy the connection between mother and unborn child.

With Regards,
-- Jane Foley RDMS