Dreaming of Twins

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I'm pregnant again, after suffering a miscarriage a few months back. I lost my first baby at 8 1/2 weeks. I'm coming up on eight weeks in my current pregnancy. I'm DEFINITELY scared to death I'll have another miscarriage. My doctor is monitoring very closely, I have already had an ultrasound (showed one healthy baby) and I'm on crinone, because my levels are low, which adds to my stress!

Last night I had a dream that felt so real, it's still bugging me and I've been at work for almost three hours already!

I dreamed I went to my doctor, alone, and we did an ultrasound. In my ultrasound she found two very healthy babies, printed the picture and gave it to me. I was stunned, and was very anxious to find my husband and show him the picture. Then I lost the picture, and was scrambling looking all over to find it. I tore the place apart...I mean, throwing things, moving furniture, anything to find this picture. It ended up being in a pocket on my chest the entire time.

Is this just me being crazy scared that I'm going to lose another baby? Or is there possibly a bit more to it?



Once a woman has a miscarriage, the next pregnancy is scary. Even when you see the live fetus on your ultrasound with a good heartbeat, a mother-to-be still worries. Those worries can filter into your dreams. Some dreams are just based on worry, yet with other dreams one must pay attention to if they have that "real" feel and stick with you all day.

I think your dream was reinforcing the fact that the baby is okay, tucked safely inside you. The picture was tucked in a pocket close to your heart. This is a very good symbol. There is one thing I have not been able to figure out over the years, and that is why so many women dream about twins yet only have one baby.

My theory is that twins are conceived and one does not make it. The spirit of both babies are with you in the early stages of pregnancy. One baby goes to term but two babies still communicate with mom through dreams.

Hopefully all is well with this pregnancy. The progesterone is a good thing. This kind of treatment has helped many women who have had multiple miscarriages, go to term. Don't put too much energy in worrying about the Crinone.

With regards,
Jane Foley RDMS