Dreamt of a Miscarriage

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I had a dream 2 nights ago that I'd had a miscarriage and was holding the fully formed baby which was a girl. I didn't go through the miscarriage in my dream and the baby was the size of my hand.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant at the moment and was just wondering what this could mean. Am I having a girl? I also had a m/c earlier this year; will I have another one? Or is this just an anxiety dream?


Hi, It is difficult to say if your dream is an anxiety dream or a dream giving you a glimpse into the future. I can tell the difference in my dreams because I have had so many.

The major difference in a prophetic dream, is the emotion felt is very real. I'm not talking about the same kind of emotion in a nightmare. I'm talking about emotion you would feel, like absolute joy, devastating grief, etc. In a real prophetic dream, if you were holding a child you had just miscarried, you would feel intense loss and sadness. If you did not feel such emotions, I would say this was an anxiety dream.

On occasion, a dream like this can have small pieces of real information in it, like you may deliver a girl early, or just that you are having a girl. I would write down in a journal the entire dream, so if something related does happen you can correlate it to the dream. I have had many dreams that I knew were prophetic and did not write them down. Of course when they happen I then struggle to remember the details of the dream.

Please let me know if any of this dream happens. These are the kinds of dreams I will be putting in my book of dreams and pregnancy.

-- Jane, RDMS