Early Pregnancy with Light Spotting, Mild Cramping and High Hcg Levels

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Dear Midwife,
This is my first pregnancy. on Jan 14th I took two home pregnancy tests & both came out positive. On Jan 15th I went to a family doctor and had my blood drawn for a more accurate test, and sure enough I was pregnant!

On Feb 7th I went to the doctors to have my first ultrasound because I was having mild cramping and very light pink spotting after I had sexual intercourse. At this time they said I was only 5-6 weeks but they did not see a baby yet or a yolk sac?.

They checked my hcg levels and they were in the 9 thousands! I went to the doctor again on Feb 9th to have my hcg levels checked again and they went up like they were suppose to and they said everything is on track and wait two weeks for another ultrasound to see if they see anything. I'M WORRIED.

On Feb 14th, my fiancé & I had sexual intercourse again but it was easy and afterwards I had light spotting again only when I would wipe & I had mild cramping.

Based on what the doctors say they say on the 14th I would be 7 weeks. I am thinking about going to the doctors later to have my hcg levels checked again -but would they change right away? I am not bleeding heavy, just spotting and I did have some that was dark brown & some very light pink.

What would you suggest or think is happening???


First, I'd suggest abstaining from intercourse, and also I'd suggest making sure you don't have any vaginal infections.

Then I'd say to do what they suggest. I know it may seem like a long time to wait, but trust me, being a parent is about being patient!

You will definitely have your answer by then. Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.