Eating Baby Rice Cereal While Pregnant

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I was wondering, I am about 5 weeks pregnant and I'm not eating and tolerating things so great.

Is it okay and nutritionally worth it to eat the baby rice cereal wih DHA and probiotic? Is it nutritional enough as a meal? This is almost the only thing I dont feel sick after eating.


The mommy eating baby food while pregnant is not recommended for overall balanced nutrition, especially in regards to your protein needs. Let's find some other foods that your body can tolerate.

Great easy to digest foods are scrambled eggs (to get the highest biological value protein) with some dry toast (or maybe with a little 100% fruit spread on top). Have a smoothie made with some organic frozen fruit of choice, a banana, some nonfat or 2% Greek Yogurt and some organic 1% milk. Blend it the night before and keep it in your refrigerator and press whip the next morning. Have some Barbara's saltine crackers next to your bed to eat before you get out of bed, helps prevent nausea.

If you aren't hungry for a meal, it's okay, just have some nutrient-dense snacks every three hours you are awake (with some carbohydratess and protein), e.g., fruit and a string cheese, a smoothie or some organic kefir (delicious yogurt drink-great immune boost, too).

Health and happiness to you,

Deborah Klein, MS, RD