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Dear Midwife,
I found out I was pregnant recently but have had pains in my right side. I went to the Dr's who sent me to the hospital straight away, they took bloods which were 400hcg(14dpo). They then had bloods taken 40hrs and they had tripled to 1227.

The nurse was pleased with this, but this does not confirm whether it is ectopic or not. They have scanned (15dpo) but were not able to see anything and have scheduled another scan in 2 weeks.

I'm still worried.


If you are still having the pains, especially if they are getting worse, I can understand why. It would be basically impossible to see anything on an u/s at 15dpo, but your next scan should verify what is going on.

Hopefully, all is well and you are just having early "growing pains." Time will tell! If you do have an ectopic and are not bleeding and it is early enough, you may be offered the option of a medical termination (taking pills), which is more likely to preserve your tube for future pregnancies.

If it is unsuccessful, you can still use the surgical option. Just a thought that some might want to consider.

-- Cynthia, CNM