Elevated blood pressure and liver enzymes

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I am currently at 29-30 weeks. I had fervently hoped / prayed to deliver away from a hospital setting. Unfortunately, I just fielded a call from my midwives. Due to my blood pressure remaining in the mid-high 130s throughout my pregnancy and now reportedly elevated liver enzymes (42 or 43), they now recommend I transfer to another midwife for a hospital delivery.

Based upon this information does this action seem warranted? I will do what is in the best interest for my baby but I don't want to impose unnecessary risks of a hospital delivery and being more limited for my birth than I need to.

Finally - if I must have a hospital delivery, what steps should I strive to take (with my new midwife) to decrease the "standard protocol" in favor of a more natural birth experience?



First, I'd suggest doing all you can to be as healthy as possible, including maintaining proper weight, eating a healthy diet with extra protein (lean), minimum half hour of daily exercise, and daily relaxation--yoga, prayer, meditation or the like. Talk to your baby and assure that you will take good care of him/her. Trust your body to do this job well no matter where and how you deliver. Choose your hospital and midwife carefully if you need to make another voice. Do your research about their outcomes and make sure you feel comfortable, even if you have to drive a bit further. Consider a certified doula. And good luck--some of that is always a wonderful thing.


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