Emotions During Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
My sister is 32 years old and 35-weeks pregnant. The last 2 months, she and my mother have been arguing really bad. They have never fought other than through the teenage years and have loved each other always. Being the oldest brother and son, and almost being put in the middle of this, I do have one question.

A lot like postpartum depression, is there some condition or clinical term for emotional loss of control during pregnancy? She hasn't been a real great wife these last 5-6 weeks either. Her husband is afraid to go home from work and this is not like Lisa at all.

I would appreciate anything that you can offer that might help. I can't imagine that this whole thing is doing any good for the baby. I am the father of 6 children from two wives and both marriages had wonderful pregnancies.


There are women whose hormones go out of control during pregnancy and shortly thereafter who are perfectly normal otherwise. These women do very well if they are properly medicated, and very poorly otherwise.

Your sister and/or her husband should report her symptoms to her provider asap and she should get the help she needs. This condition will only get worse without intervention. Good luck.

-- Cynthia, CNM


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Are you kidding me? A woman can't be grumpy during her pregnancy without being told to seek medical help? Puh-leeze.

A woman has a right to be grumpy any time she feels like it, especially during pregnancy, and those around her should be loving and supportive enough to put up with it! And when you take into account the raging hormones, the constant discomfort and pain, the fatigue and sleeplessness, the worry about labor, the anxiety over being a good mother, braxton-hicks contractions, people rubbing your huge belly, and every other irritation that pregnancy entails, it is amazing that pregnant women can ever manage to be pleasant to those around them.

Give us a break! Especially all you men who will never in your lives experience anything comparable to what we women are going through in these 9 months.