Enlarged Abdomen at 26 Week Ultrasound

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I went in for my 26 week Ultrasound to check for placenta previa because my 18 week ultrasound showed my placenta was low-lying. Everything seemed ok with the placenta position, but the Ultrasound Tech noticed my baby has an enlarged abdomen. She seemed a little concerned since she redid all my measurements once she noticed it. I asked her if that was normal, and she did not answer. The stomach did look quite big and now I'm worried.

What do you think it might be?


There are a few different scenarios when a diagnosis of increased abdominal circumference is made. I would need a little more information to help you understand what is going on with your baby. What was the abdominal measurement compared to the other measurements taken?

Are you a diabetic? Have you had a follow up ultrasound to follow the growth?

Let me know if you still have questions about the abdomen of your baby. Your doctor may have already let you know what is happening with the pregnancy by now.

With Regards,
-- Jane RDMS