Enough Milk For Next Baby?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
We may decide not to have any more children but if we do I would like to give breastfeeding one more try. The first time I literally did not have enough milk. The baby was not getting wet diapers...I started supplementing my first born with the SNS (little tube) attached to the breast so he would get both the same time. Later I quit that and still breast fed and bottle fed. He weaned himself at around five months.

Unfortunately with my next baby I forgot I wanted to try breastfeeding first and I immediately started him with formula. I wanted to try nursing him first to see if I would have had enough milk because I think I might have but I forgot. If God could only work a miracle for me on my next baby I would be so happy. (If I have another one). I hope I will get the answers someday.

I would love to talk to you in person should the opportunity come.

Have a great day.


Hi Dorothy,
The good news about babies is each one is different. I have worked with many women who had trouble breastfeeding one baby but not the other. It is entirely possible that you could and would have no trouble breastfeeding a third baby particularly since we don't know what would have happened had you tried the breastfeeding first with baby number two.

But, even if you cannot -- do NOT beat yourself up over this. Sometimes babies do not latch on very well or moms can't produce enough milk. The good news here is that we do have supplemental milk and there are so many ways to care for your baby. Breastfeeding is, obviously, the best thing for your baby, but it is not something you should worry about to the point of being disappointed with yourself. I know far too many excellent mothers who could not breastfeed for one reason or another.

However, when or if it comes to pass that you are pregnant again, let us know and we'll get you in touch with lactation experts -- you will be AMAZED by all the clever and creative ideas they have.

Hang in there. It sounds like you're doing all that you can and, believe me, that's all that counts when it comes to your babies.

Keep us posted!

-- Alex