Exercises With Stretch Bands

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Hey Alex,
Do you have any exercises I can do with my Exercise bands that target my thighs, butt and abs?



Yes and I have pictures but have not sent them yet -- too many problems with my computer lately. In the meantime, I will write out some and hope you can visualize.

Standing position -- Side raise
Band around ankles, raise your right leg/ankle out to the side -- motions should be slow and steady. Raise the leg out to the side as high (or far) as you can. When you meet the point where you cannot raise it out/up any further, freeze and hold a two-second count and slowly lower the leg again. That is one set. Alternate to the other leg.
3 sets -- 12 reps. (ouch!) 3 sets each leg.

Standing position -- Front raise
This is the same principal as the side raise, only raise the right leg forward. Be sure that your back is straight, abs pulled tight.

*Common mistake. People strain and lean forward as they struggle to lift the leg forward. Do NOT lose form. Hold that two second count hold and release.
3 sets -- 12 reps each leg.

(Remember: if you can only do 6 or 8... mark this and move to the next set once you've recovered. This should be an exercise you can build with)

Standing position -- Rear kick
Again, same idea only this time you are raising your leg backwards. This is a fabulous buttocks workout. And remember, the longer you hold that count -- with leg raised as high as possible -- the more it will burn the buttocks! Yea!
3 sets - 12 reps each leg

*You can purchase a hook that is specifically made for exercise bands that hooks under a door so that you can use leverage without fear that the band will pop off and smack you/ hurt you. Fairly cheap, cannot remember the exact cost.

Standing Hamstring Curl/Buttock -- use the band hook
With feet shoulder length apart, you are facing the wall or door (wherever the hook is) and hook the band behind on foot. You will raise that foot -- bending at the knee -- slowly so that you are working out the back of your leg.

The idea is to have the door act as the leverage resistance. The rest of your body should remain stationary -- do not bend or twist about. You are isolating the muscle (hamstring) at the back of your leg.
Think cellulite buster!
3 sets -- 12 times each leg

This should keep you pretty busy until we get pics!